Puerto de San Antonio, Región de Valparaíso, Chile
Puerto de San Antonio, Región de Valparaíso, Chile

Diplomatic staff

Mr. Fidel Coloma


Email: fcoloma@minrel.gov.cl

  • Head of Chancellery
  • Third Committee (Advancement of Women)
  • Fourth Committee
  • NAM and CELAC Coordinator
  • Security Council: Sahel

Mr. Rene Ruidiaz



  • Third Committee (Human Rights)
  • Indigenous Issues
  • Human Security
  • Community of Democracies
  • Civil Society and NGOs (NGO Committee)

Ms. Belén Sapag



Security Council:

  • Political Coordinator

Ms. Gloria Cid



  • Second Committee (ECOSOC-High Level Segment, Open Working Group on SDGs)
  • Third Committee (Social Affairs)
  • Commission for Social Development

Mr. Jorge Iglesias

First Secretary


  • Second Committee – Sustainable Development
  • Environmental Issues
  • Climate Change

Mr. Patricio Aguirre

First Secretary


  • Second Committee (Macroeconomic and financial agenda)

Security Council:

  • Côte d’Ivoire (Committee 1572)

Mr. Claudio Garrido

First Secretary


  • First Committee
  • Election Officer

Mr. Juan Pablo Espinoza

First Secretary


Security Council:

  • Sudan (Darfur), Sudan-South Sudan (Committee 1591)
  • South Sudan (Committee 2206)
  • Western Sahara.
  • WG on Peacekeeping Operations.
  • Protection of civilians in armed conflict.
  • Conflict prevention
  • Peace Building Commission (PBC)

Mr. Javier Gorostegui (Legal Adviser)

Second Secretary


Security Council:

  • Third Committee 1373, Terrorism (WG resolution 1566)
  • Informal WG on International Tribunals
  • Rule of law, Piracy
  • Informal WG Documentation and Other Procedural Questions

General Assembly: Sixth Committee  

Mr. Diego Araya

Second Secretary

Email: daraya@minrel.gov.cl

Security Council:

  • Middle East, except Syria.
  • Israel/Palestine, Golan Heights, Lebanon (Committee 1636), Yemen. Libya  (Committee 1970)
  • Disarmament and Non-proliferation.  Committee 1540.  Iran (Committee 1737).
  • DPRK, Committee 1718 (DPRK)
  • Sanctions

Mr. Fernando Cabezas

Third Secretary

Email: fcabezas@minrel.gov.cl

Security Council:

  • Syria, Iraq including Committee 1518 (Iraq)
  • Somalia, Committee 751/1907 concerning Somalia and Eritrea.
  • Haiti
  • Cooperation between the UN and regional and sub-regional organizations
  • Humanitarian Affairs
  • Protocol
  • Parliamentary Issues

Coronel (A) Mr. Máximo Venegas

Defense Attaché


  • Coordination between Chilean peacekeepers and the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) and Department of Field Support (DFS) of the United Nations.
  • Issues related with the Armed Forces (Army, Navy y Air Force), and the Police (Carabineros and PDI)
  • Liason with defense institutions through the Joint Staff of National Defense.

Colonel (E) Gustav Meyerholz

Email:  adefensa2.onu@minrel.gov.cl

Security Council:

  • Military Advisor
  • Military Staff Committee

Ms. Maria Isabel Franco



Security Council:

  • Kosovo, Georgia, Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine
  • UN Regional Centre for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia (UNRCCA)
  • Asia, except DPRK. Afghanistan (UNAMA)
  • Committee 1988 (Talibán) y 1267/1989 (Al Qaida)
  • Mali, Guinea Bissau (Committee 2048)

Mr. Sang Yeob Kim


Email: sykim@minrel.gov.cl

General Assembly

  • Fifth Committee
  • First Committee

Mr. Ernesto González



Security Council